The old tradition of hosting dinner parties to reconnect with distant family, friends, neighbours and colleagues keeps evolving with the times. It’s a great time to make memories bonding over food, as everyone shares hearty laughs and fond tales from the past with near and dear ones.

To host that perfect meal in the modern home, two types of serveware are not only basic, but the latest designs among these are quite in fashion. You guessed it – designer glass sets and plates. For purposes of both utility and table styling, luxury dinnerware, including designer plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery come in a wide range and each set is a work of utmost sophistication.

Hosting a dinner, lunch or brunch is an art that includes organising an elegant dinner table where everyone feels at home. Designer crockery and cutlery not only define the perfect blend of form and function, but they also attract a flood of compliments to make your day.

Designer Plates

There are countless reasons to introduce chic (and often handcrafted) designer plates to your dressed up dining table:

  • From ceramics to bell metal, glass, fine bone china and painted wooden pieces, these finds make your dining table look luxurious and abundant.
  • Presented in stylish layouts, designer plates compliment the sumptuous tastes on the menu.
  • Artistic and beautiful, they make presentation easy after all the hard work of preparing each delicacy.
  • These plates, combined with designer bowls and glasses, are ideal for every occasion and festival.

Designer Glass Set

Home get-togethers and festive occasions call for good food and drinks served with graceful sophistication. Elevate your wining and dining experiences with luxurious tableware like designer glasses. Celebrate successful moments and bond over drinks with the perfect pieces in crystal, matt coloured glass, frosted glass, and floral painted and gold-rimmed glass.

There are many reasons to choose designer glass sets:

  • They are a mark of refined taste and aesthetic sense.
  • They fit right into different types of occasions.
  • When they’re made of materials like the bell metal “kansa”, they’re a healthy choice too.
  • For those who love hosting and hearty conversations, the innate beauty of designer glasses makes serving easy, efficient and quick.
  • They can be used for a lifetime if maintained with care.

Something for Everyone

There are several one-stop online destinations to browse exquisite serveware from different brands, including Tata CliQ Luxury, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Ajio Luxe, and more.


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