Painting a house’s interiors in Cincinnati, Ohio, would cost you between 1.20 USD to 2.80 USD per square foot, excluding the additional materials required. The hourly costs of painting range between 20 USD to 250 USD.

Most homeowners in Cincinnati prefer having their homes painted every three years, a reasonable period considering its summers marked by high humidity (an average of 73 degrees Fahrenheit). High humidity and heat play havoc with the paint, causing it to dry, peel, crack and develop brown spots.

Experienced Cincinnati painters offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial projects. Although the city is home to hundreds of professional painting services, choosing those that promise excellent results and ensure the process is smooth and hassle-free is essential.

Getting your home repainted can be stressful as it disrupts your daily routine. However, hiring painters that handle processes like selecting the best quality paint, covering your things, and even rearranging them later makes the process easier.

But before hiring painters, here are some things you might want to consider, like the kind of services provided and things to check before hiring a company.

Types of Services Provided

Good companies in Cincinnati provide various residential painting services, and here is some information about each of them. 


These include the interior and exterior areas of a house.


The interior areas include wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, plaster, drywall repair, and coloring of the areas like trims, ceilings, the basement, cabinets, and the kitchen.

It is crucial to find a company that covers these areas as they increase a property’s value in Cincinnati, Ohio, by almost 967 USD while increasing its value by 2,001 USD.

Further, not painting your house compromises its structural integrity, which can end up with you incurring significant renovation costs. Furthermore, coloring your home every year protects it from pests like termites. 

You might consider painting your house in Cincinnati every three years because it ranks among the top cities in the USA (with the 14th rank among all states) in termite infestations. A well-painted wood structure with multiple coats makes it resistant to termite attacks. 


It includes services like fence and deck painting and staining, besides other areas outside the home. Coloring your fence keeps it safe from the wind, rain, sun, and other natural elements. Installing a new one in Cincinnati, Ohio, can cost you almost 15 USD for a four feet fence. 

Similarly, you should get your deck painted every few years so as not to cause discoloration, warping, rotting, and cracking. Hiring deck installation services would cost you between 4,000 USD to 10,000 USD, which you can avoid by simply having it repainted.

Things to Check before Hiring a Company

Do they have a warranty period?

Good companies in Cincinnati offer a year’s warranty on a single coat and two years warranty on double coats. It is better to choose a service with a similar warranty period while simultaneously enquiring about the terms and conditions.

Will they help you move things?

You should ask the painters beforehand if they will help you move things like wall clocks, furnishings, TV, furniture mounts, etc. It is advisable to shift these in advance, as they might incur damage from paint drops and chemicals falling on them during the process. 

Are the painters licensed?

Although the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board does not require painters to possess a license, some states like Cincinnati require a state license to qualify for residential work. Apart from a license, you should ask the painter if they are insured and bonded. 

You should hire experienced Cincinnati painters to repaint your home’s interior and exterior areas. Painting your home is a profitable investment and not something you should ignore.


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