Some of the most important places in the house that need to be kept clean and germ-free would be the bathrooms and kitchen. This does not mean that the rest of the house can be neglected, but these are the two rooms in the house via which the maximum germs can spread via food or the air. Particular to washrooms, maintaining a high sanitation around the toilet seat and the washing area is of importance. 

The danger of germs and bacteria is high during all seasons in a year. This is because different seasons and weather conditions provide a breeding ground for varied types of germs, insects, viruses or bacteria. You cannot let your guard down when it comes to cleanliness in the washrooms. Looking at the products you use for your bathrooms to clean the different areas like – toilet cleaner, liquid soap, the brushes, etc, can you vouch for their reliability. Overlooking even smaller aspects of sanitation in the washrooms can lead to complications that could be avoided.

There are several ways that you can use to keep your bathrooms clean, sanitary, and maintain hygiene to the optimal level. 

  1. Cleaning routine – The easiest way to make sure that the hygiene is maintained is to follow a regular and timely cleaning routine for the bathroom. If not weekly, make sure that you are using a calendar to mark dates once in two weeks to ensure cleanliness. From taps, to jet sprays, to cupboards to toilet seats, every part of the washroom needs to be thoroughly checked for fungus as well.
  2. Special attention to toilet seats – Since the toilet seat is one of the most bacteria-ridden spaces in the house, you will have to work extra hard to make sure it is clean and safe. Using a toilet seat sanitizer could really make your job easier. Choose herbal and chemical-free sanitizers to spray on toilet seats. Within 5 seconds, the eco-friendly sanitizer spray will be able to kill 99.9% germs thriving on the toilet seat leaving the area completely safe to use. A pro tip: you can even use this on the public toilet seats!
  3. Disinfect the cleaning tools – You may spend a lot of time cleaning and scrubbing your washrooms and toilets. However, have you ever thought of what happens when you use the same brushes for months to clean these highly germ-infected areas? The germs and bacteria find a way to also thrive on sponges, brushes, and other cleaning tools – sometimes more so when they are damp. Therefore, it is also equally important to clean and regularly disinfect these tools for more effective results.
  4. The right products – Your preference for products that you would like to use for bathroom cleaning purposes would be your choice. However, doctors and experts recommend that the use of chemical-free products would be the best bet as they are also safe for humans. Choose products with clear instructions and directions on how to use them. Packaging that makes it easier to operate could also be looked at. Follow the directions and instructions carefully to get the best and most effective results. 
  5. Take precautions while cleaning – There are no two ways about the fact that toilets and washrooms need cleaning. No matter how much help we seek, most often than not, we find the need to clean it once ourselves too. In such a scenario, it is important to take a few precautions:
  • Use herbal, chemical-free, and eco-friendly products that will not harm you as a user. Many toilet disinfectants and sprays are loaded with chemicals rendering it unsafe for use. Ensure the feasibility of the products and choose ones with lower levels of toxins
  • As another measure of caution, wear gloves and a face mask while using these products to avoid direct contact with the disinfectants. This also becomes important as you want these products to stay away from your eyes and mouth. Additionally, contact with cuts or wounds can also be problematic while using products with even small traces of bacteria-killing chemicals. 
  • Keep the toilet cleaners, sanitizers, liquids, etc away from the toothbrushes, towels, napkins, soaps, etc. You do not want any kind of toxic spray getting attached to these items that come in direct contact with your body and mouth. 
  • Use cockroach repellents as well near the drain areas of your bathroom to make sure that while there is no bacteria and germs, there are also no insects.

It is redundant to talk about the importance of keeping washrooms germ-free. Everyone recognizes the need to do so. Equip your home with the best of products for a clean and hygienic washroom. Maintain the best possible level of sanitation and good health for you and your family.


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