Microfiber cleaning cloths are always beneficial. You can use them to clean the glass, gas stove, computer screens, camera lenses, etc.; they are made of synthetic polyester, so they do not leave any lint behind. They are highly safe and work well as lens cleaner cloth because they are soft. The spudz microfiber cloth, for example, is a perfect choice for cleaning lenses as it efficiently dries lenses and makes them super clean and shiny. 

When To Use the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Because of its extreme versatility, microfiber cleaning cloths can be used to clean almost any surface. It makes the finest substitution for paper towels and cotton rags.

  • It can also be used to sanitize and eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria when you use them to clean surfaces.
  • Microfibers come in various forms; some have a velvet texture, some are rough, etc. For instance, spudz microfiber cloth has a suede-like texture, and there are rougher ones too that are generally used to clean sinks and other hard surfaces.

Things You Can Use To Clean

It Gives Perfect Shine To Your Smartphone

Your phone needs to be cleaned frequently because you use it more often, and if it is a touchscreen, there will be finger marks on it. To get rid of fingerprints and smudges, you must first turn off your phone and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

It Makes Your Glasses And Lens Crystal Clear

Anyone who wears glasses knows they must be cleaned frequently, and a microfiber lens cloth is an ideal tool. The best cleaning technique is to rinse your glasses under warm water for about fifteen seconds. This will remove the extra dirt. Then gently rub the soap with your fingers to produce a lather before cleaning the remainder of the frame. Remove the excess water; this is where the lens cloth comes in. Dry the glasses gently using a clean cloth, and you are good to go. 

Your Television Screen Will Not Have Any Dust

Even though you don’t frequently touch your television, dust can still build up on the screen. Therefore, please turn off your television and wait till it has cooled down before starting to clean it. After that, gently wipe the screen of dust with a dry microfiber fabric.

Your Kitchen Top Will Be Void Of Any Spills

Microfiber cloths can clean up any countertop spills just as effectively as paper towels in the kitchen. They are reusable, which is a nice feature.

It Is Used To Clean Windows And Metal Surfaces

Microfiber leaves no streaks, making it ideal for cleaning any shiny surfaces. It works great for cleaning grease off your cooktop or eliminating fingerprints from glass surfaces like a table or a refrigerator door.

It Can Clean Everything Else

Microfiber can be used to clean any surface, including countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Since you won’t need to buy sponges or counter spray, think of the money you’ll save!

How To Clean With A Microfiber

Microfiber makes the cleaning process a breeze, and it is extremely simple to clean microfiber cloths. It is possible to wash in hot water, shake it, and then dry it. The best part is you can wash it in a washing machine too. However, you have to keep things in mind, such as they shouldn’t be washed with other fabrics. Other materials, such as cotton, can damage your microfiber cleaning cloths’ fibers as they can leave lint on its surface. 


Using a microfiber cloth has numerous benefits, including being lint-free and having a long lifespan when used and maintained properly. It can be washed a thousand times and does not lose effectiveness, making it last longer than cotton.


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