Imagine being able to automatically replicate profitable traders. When you set up your account to mimic a profitable trader, all trading is done automatically and without your involvement. That is indeed possible with RoboForex CopyFX.

CopyFX is a fantastic passive income option with exceptional earning potential. Additionally, using RoboForex CopyFX is really simple to begin started with.

The RoboForex group’s own copy trade investing platform is called RoboForex CopyFX. Investors can automatically replicate the transactions of profitable traders on their trading platform. 100% hands-free

Full disclosure: I personally allow investors to track my accounts on CopyFX. Consequently, this is not a generic interpretation of RoboForex copy trading CopyFX.

I can offer you a more thorough explanation of what RoboForex CopyFX is and how CopyFX operates because I am an active participant in the programmed as a CopyFX Trader.

What is CopyFX by RoboForex?

The foreign currency markets can be entered into in two different ways. The first method is to sign up as a Forex trader and carry out direct market trading with a Forex broker.

Cents, which would be advantageous for novice traders or investors who wish to test out various CopyFX traders.

The RoboForex CopyFX Pro Account, on the other hand, is far more suited to seasoned investors and traders with the necessary knowledge and expertise. All trades are counted in greater volumes with market executions in this type of account.

Terms and Conditions for the Roboforex No Deposit Bonus

Residents of Vietnam, the Republic of Indonesia, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are not eligible for this promotion.

 This RoboForex no deposit offer is only available to each client once.

 The bonus money cannot be taken out.

 The 30 USD incentive will be converted to EUR if EUR serves as your base currency.

 The functionalities of CopyFX and Contest are not included in this software.

 Clients who have already taken advantage of any other bonus offer from RoboForex are not eligible for the no deposit bonus.

What CopyFX Does

How RoboForex CopyFX functions is as follows:

Open and fund a RoboForex account as the first step.

You must first open and fund an account with the RoboForex broker because CopyFX runs through it.

RoboForex’s account opening and funding procedures are incredibly easy to follow. Your identity will be verified once you register when we request identification documentation. Then, you can finance your account by choosing from a variety of funding alternatives.

Important: If you intend to use CopyFX, create a Metatrader4 account first. To use CopyFX, an MT4 account is required; you do not need to download or operate the platform. According to the RoboForex Review it’s a reliable platform for trader.

First, if you already know which CopyFX Trader you want to follow, you might want to register an account with the SAME features as them. The trading conditions will be as similar as possible as a result.

Tip 2: Open a Pro Cent account if you want to get started with a small initial deposit. The following is an excerpt from the RoboForex website:

System of Cross-Copying

Using a cross-copying technology, RoboForex CopyFX enables both Investors and Traders to increase their collaboration regardless of the type of account you select.

Regardless of their trading accounts, the cross-copying mechanism gives CopyFX Investors and Traders the ability to undertake copy-trading operations.

Please be aware that the cross-copying system will give different outcomes even if the sums placed by the investors and traders are the same because the transactions involve multiple trading accounts with different trading volumes, spreads, and maximum leverage. Consequently, not all of the Traders’ transactions can be duplicated into the accounts of the Investors. The Roboforex review says it’s a broker with lot to offer.

For instance, traders using RoboForex Prime Accounts are unable to use certain of the trading instruments available to investors with RoboForex Cent Accounts. The Investors’ accounts will not be replicated by any action involving these trading instruments.

Traders using the CopyFX Standard Account will undoubtedly pay more for their trades than investors using the RoboForex Prime Account. Investors are therefore obligated to pay additional fees to cover the broker’s commission when transactions like these occur.

Despite how handy the CopyFX cross-copying system is, investors should still exercise caution when they seek to copy the trades of CopyFX Traders who use several types of trading accounts.


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