Pressure frying has been followed by many meal chains internationally over the years. Global chains love the usage of pressure fryer (additionally called pressure cookers) due to the fact they create a delicious, healthy product that appeals to today’s purchasers even as saving on oil and hard work costs. 

Now, let’s examine the top 5 advantages of pressure frying:

1) Faster cooking time.

One of the largest advantages of switching to pressure frying is how lot shorter the cooking time is. Frying in a pressurized environment results in shorter cooking instances at decreased oil temperatures than conventional open frying. This permits our clients to feature extra universal yield than traditional fryers, to cook quicker and serve extra people in the identical quantity of time.

2) More menu possibilities.

While rooster stays one of the maximum famous products in the Henny Penny strain fryer, it is a flexible cooking approach. This versatility permits our clients to pick all styles of alternatives on their menu together with meat, rooster, seafood, veggies, and extra! With an extensive form of menu items, restaurants may have the possibility to market to purchasers with quite a few tastes and preferences.

3) Better food quality.

With this cooking approach, extra moisture and juices are retained in the food, and because of this much less shrinkage. Pressure frying gives clients a tender, delicious product that will preserve them coming back.

4) Cleaner cooking methods.

With pressure frying, all oily vapors are captured and vented into the hood above. This reduces the build-up of oil films and odors in the surrounding area. With much less build-up of grease and odors, fewer man-hours are required to smooth and extra time is spent creating a profit.

5) Consistently delicious.

Henny Penny pressure fryers characteristic superior foodservice era for instant cook instances and consistently wonderful taste, because the meals’ herbal flavors and nutrients are sealed and any extra frying oil is sealed. Our clients were raving approximately how wonderful their products are with our gadget, however, do not simply take our word for it.

In conclusion

It has to be mentioned that open fryers do tend to supply crispier products. It makes an experience to look at how a piece of food can swim in boiling warm oil for extra than 15 minutes. If crunch is what you and your clients are after, otherwise you simply need to cook French fries, then it is excellent to stay with an old-fashioned open fryer. But if taste, juiciness, consistency, and performance are what you are after, then a pressure fryer is the way to go.

What is pressure frying?

Pressure frying is a cooking approach that calls for specially designed equipment to heat oil and food collectively in pressurized surroundings managed by the chef and gadget. Foods from pressure frying tend to be crispy from the new oil and hold moisture internal due to the fact the pressure prevents water or different liquids in the food from boiling and becoming steam.


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