For those interested in a group effort when trading foreign currency, consider the Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM). Brokers who provide PAMM as a management module typically outsource the administration of managed accounts to a third party who acts on the investor’s behalf. An investor can choose to put some or all of their money with a group of professional traders and/or money managers. Traders and managers may pool their funds and use them for trading foreign exchange (FX) on several accounts. Conversely, eToro provides access to numerous cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional investment vehicles like equities and ETFs. It has an innovative social trading component that allows you to mimic the actions of other traders.

PAMM Accounts – Pros and Cons


  • A PAMM broker serves as an impartial surety for performing a PAMM manager’s and an investor’s duties. It leads to the advantages listed below.
  • A successful trader may profit from managing their own money as well as investors’ money.
  • A trader (PAMM manager) cannot just take an investor’s money and disappear. Despite the fact that the PAMM manager manages investor funds, he is not permitted to remove it.
  • Ease of making investments in PAMM account of various PAMM managers inside a single service. An investor can fund his accounts once and distribute his funds across other PAMM managers.
  • The PAMM manager puts his money at risk in addition to the investors. Thanks to PAMM brokers, any investor can check the equity of a PAMM manager. Intelligent investors steer clear of PAMM managers who only have a limited amount of their own money on hand.


  • If a broker does not allow a trader to specify a maximum loss threshold for a PAMM account, the trader’s loss may reach a value of “-100%,” which denotes an absolute downturn.
  • The somewhat closed structure of PAMM accounts means that an investor frequently cannot analyse a PAMM manager’s trading strategy in-depth.

eToro – Pros and Cons


  • eToro’s platform features a distinctive social trading feature. You can duplicate the trades performed by other experienced traders using a feature called CopyTrader. You can access the portfolios of millions of other traders on the eToro platform, along with their statistics and risk scores.
  • More than 30 cryptocurrencies are accessible to users on the eToro platform. Even while it may be limited in comparison to some of the bigger crypto-specific exchanges, consumers can still get a lot more from that site than they can from many other platforms.
  • Prior to 2022, U.S. traders using eToro were restricted to trading only crypto on the platform. The company extended access to equities and ETFs for American traders early this year, which was fine for many users.
  • eToro pays a 1% fixed amount on cryptocurrency transactions. Though it isn’t the lowest charge offered to cryptocurrency traders, the social trading feature can be very appealing, as well as the flat-rate fee makes it simple to estimate the cost of each transaction before you do it.


  • This platform does not support trading pairs between cryptocurrencies. For instance, you’ll have to sell your Bitcoin and then purchase Ethereum if you wish to trade it for Ethereum. That varies from the features supplied by the majority of platforms.
  • For cryptocurrency users who wish to take full advantage of it, eToro also provides a free independent digital wallet called an eToro wallet. But buyer beware. Although the wallet is free to download and use, there is a $125 minimum transaction amount and a 5% conversion fee when converting cryptocurrency to fiat money.

eToro Review UK

  • Kirstine Lomback, an eToro trader

“If you want to get started immediately, this is the Broker you should choose. eToro has got a very user-friendly platform with almost no requirements for deposits or withdrawals whatsoever.”

  • Alvin Jacobs, an eToro trader

“If you are over conscious about trading and need a trust worthy platform, this just might be the one for you. On eToro you can trade from a range of several cryptocurrencies. And from my experience I can assure you it is quite easy and hassle-free. They have built a very user friendly platform and offer services on web as well as mobile application.” 


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