Have you ever faced the issue of erectile dysfunction? Have you satisfied your partner? If these are the issues then you might be suffering from the problem of loss of erectile function. Also, you might be confused if you are suffering from the same problem! You also must be in the mood for sex. With the reduced thoughts of sex, you might also experience mood changes, fatigue, and problem in building muscle and formation of the gut. The doctor can ask you to go for testosterone therapy and consume medicines like Fildena 100.

Many males experience this issue at any point in their life. Also, guys feel wary to talk about this delinquent with their companion or doctor. The minor erection issue can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Your figure might be expressive you that you have ED but you are not observing that.  The penis issue can’t be ignored and various things must be taken care of. Medicines- The doctor can recommend taking Vidalista 20 

Signs of erectile dysfunction that you must consider

The sign is that you are not able to keep the erection. If you experience ED signs then you must seek the doctor’s advice. He will ask to provide Cenforce 100 as a remedy to treat erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from this issue often then you must share it with the specialist. I am discussing certain signs that demonstrate the loss of libido. 

  • Early morning and night time erection- If you have a frequent erection during the day and night then it is good. If you feel that you are having less erection in the morning and night then you are required to worry. It means that vessels are not functioning properly making it quite hard for blood to flow. 
  • Don’t think much about sex- If you are not thinking about sex that you are used to doing then the testosterone levels are reducing. 
  • Blood pressure or cholesterol is high- If you have a history of high blood pressure and cholesterol then you are in the danger of developing ED. The cholesterol above 240 mg/deciliter is high. The blood pressure above 130/80 mm HG is high. If both of these are not controlled then vessels get damaged and the elasticity is lost. It makes it hard for vessels to expand for the flow of blood. At the time of dilation of vessels the adequate blood flows. 
  • Taking a new tablet- You must be cautious if you are taking medicines like high blood pressure, antidepressants, and other medicines. These medicines can lead to side effects and erectile dysfunction. It results in low libido and reduced sex drive. 
  • Gums are tender, swollen, and bleeding- while brushing, if your gum gets swollen or tender then you might be having erectile dysfunction. The gum problem can cause inflammation that can damage vessels. If blood vessels don’t work well then you might have erectile dysfunction. 
  • Changes – you might be feeling the urge for sex but the penis might be facing some problems. It is a slowly progressive disorder where the penis will not be firm. The changes can be due to physical or mental health issues. 
  • You are not able to sleep properly- The lack of sleep can result in erectile dysfunction. The testosterone levels can be reduced if you have not slept well. If you are travail from erectile dysfunction then the clinician will mention taking Cenforce 100. 
  • Kidney disorder- If you are taking kidney disorder then you can also face erectile dysfunction. You need talk to a surgeon if you are taking medicines. 

What to do if you are facing erectile dysfunction?

The doctor will diagnose the disorder and address the underlying condition. The doctor will test your blood pressure, testosterone, and cholesterol. The hormones, emotions, brain, muscles, and blood vessels play an essential role in arousal. Psychological issues like stress and depression also influence the ED. The signs are the inability to erection, decreased sexual desire, and the inability for an erection. 

Who are at risk of ED?

The folks are at great risk when males are old, mental health issues of stress and anxiety. 

  • Also, in case of a disorder like diabetes and cardiac issue. 
  • If you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  •  If you are overweight and have taken radiation treatment.
  •  Also, if you are consuming other medicines for hypertension, and antihistamines.

Can ED be prevented?

It is not so easy to prevent ED but folks must take care of it. If you are healthier then you have less probability of having this disorder. You must decrease stress and control health conditions. You can exercise and control mental health issues. You must reduce the intake of alcohol and smoking.

ED treatment

I am suggesting you for the possible treatment

  • Counseling- You can look for therapy for depression, anxiety, and another psychological issue. You can also get counseling for relationship issues.
  • Lifestyle modifications- You can reduce weight, exercise daily, stop smoking and reduce drugs and alcohol.
  • Tablets can be bought from Pillspalace. You will get the products at a reasonable price. 
  • Physical treatment- The doctor suggests taking penile implants or a penis pump. The doctor will take care that the signs of ED may be overcome. 

Why you must buy medicines from the online medical store?

You can buy medicines from the online medical store as the medicines are available at fair rates.  Also, genuine medicines are available. You can take therapy sessions with the psychologist. He will improve relationship issues and management of stress and depression. Also, he will try a combination of medicines and treatment therapy. 


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