Shortcuts are often used by humans all over the world. In all aspects of life majority of people like to take shortcuts to reach their destination in less time. You may observe that even for reaching a particular place if the ordinary road takes 1 hour, then people would find an alternate way to reach the destination that would take less than 1 hour. 

But this habit of shortcuts is not fruitful all the time. Even while admiring a very successful person’s life people that have crossed several hurdles to reach the position of fame and success, people try to find a shortcut to reach the same heights of success. 

Such people do not reach the heights of success but rather are found unsuccessful in the end. Similar examples can be found in health as well. Making six packs abs and being healthy and fit is the dream of men. Most men during their adulthood or teenage go for this dream by joining a gym. Six-pack ab is not one day’s job but it needs patience, discipline and determination. 

For building six-pack abs apart from spending hours at the gym you also must get adapt your diet accordingly that facilitates the formation of biceps and triceps. 

But many men want to build attractive six-pack abs without doing much effort by using the shortcut. The shortcut here means taking steroids that are external powder or drinks that assure well build body. These steroids are extremely harmful and men who take them get used to taking pills like Cenforce 100 mg and Fildena. In this article, we shall talk about the effect of steroids on men’s health.

Poor digestive system

One of the first things which steroids affect is the digestive system. Steroids make the digestive system unwell the bad and ultimately worse to the extent that you get regular taking pills for clear bowels. Steroids are raging chemicals that result in the sudden expansion of biceps and triceps in no time. Hence, the amount of heat that must be released is enormous for the normal human body to experience. Thus, the muscles and tissues in the gut and stomach get inflamed causing ulcers. This makes such men vulnerable to cases of inflammatory bowel where they experience intense pain during bowel or bleeding bowels. 

This is the reason steroids must be avoided in the first place but if you have decided to take them then consult the doctor before doing so. In many situations, steroids have damaged the functioning of the intestines, and kidneys and also result in kidney/pancreatic stones. These stones can be removed from the body by medication otherwise through surgical methods. 

Low sperm count

Another reason why you must drop the idea of taking steroids is it’s adverse to your sex life. For a man, his happiness in sex life is direct to the well being of his sexual organs i.e., the penis and testes. Taking steroids has been found to reduce the production of sperm thus, reducing the chances of you being able to make your wife pregnant. In many situations taking steroids has also resulted in shrinking testicles that tend to reduce the production of testosterone, the male hormone. 

Lack of production of testosterone can have an adverse effect on the development of sexual characteristics like the growth of pubic hair, hardening of voice, building muscles etc. Hence, a low sperm count can also delay the advent of puberty thus, making you sexually capable at a very old age. So, Buy Cenforce 200 and help you and your wife experience orgasm once again. 

Mood swings

The effect of taking steroids is not only on the physical body but also on the mental side. You may become vulnerable to mood swings after taking a steroid. In some cases, steroids also alter the hormones that can cause permanent changes to your behaviour and attitude. You may feel happy and cheerful in a moment but suddenly you may become angry or raging. 

This may not be liked by your boss or people around in your friend circle and family. Such men may be fired if the work requires more technical knowledge rather than physical prowess. This is the reason doctors, engineers, lawyers and such professions do not usually take steroids. 


Taking steroids must never be the way of building the body. Everything big in life takes time and so is triceps and biceps. Do not trust any gym trainer that assures you of taking steroids. Any additive consulted by him or her must be first confirmed by the doctor before you take them. Men with the habit of taking steroids are often found surfing websites like Powpills for drugs. And remember that all steroids are the same causing harmful side effects. Do not fall prey to any advertisements that portray steroids in good light, these are just gimmicks.


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