I’m not sure why I can’t laugh more. Maybe it’s because there are too many things in life that make me sad, or maybe it’s because there are so many things to be stressed about these days. Whatever the reason is, I know that my lack of laughter is impacting my health and happiness levels. One day while browsing through Facebook, I came across an article with a title that said “10 Ways to Enjoy Life.”

woman, watermelon, summer @ Pixabay

The post talked about how you should focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have, and do all the things that make you happy. It made me realize how simple it would be for me to enjoy life more if only I could learn this lesson! So I sat down and created my own list of ways that would make me happy.

Sitting outside on a nice day -the sunshine, the birds singing in the trees, no worries or cares *Going to bed early and dreaming about all the things I’ll do when I wake up tomorrow morning. Putting on some music while cooking dinner so it’s more fun than just doing chores . Finding little surprises around the house like getting new clothes out of an old box, seeing something unexpectedly beautiful for no reason at all (like walking by a window in time for sunset), coming home to find someone has tidied up without being asked Just taking a few minutes each evening with myself before going to sleep.


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