I have long been faithful to my suffering. I have held on tightly and refused to let go, refusing to release the grip of pain that has become a constant in my life. But now is the time for me to change course and not keep running back into the arms of sorrow. My hope will never die because He lives inside me. Blog Post Conclusion: And I will put my hope in Him, and not the likes of myself.

freedom, woman, road @ Pixabay

I am confident that He is good enough to get me through this time of suffering because he has been faithful to me for all these years. It’s time now for him to be faithful to me as well.” This blog post concludes with an excerpt from Psalm 73 which says “But it was good for me when you disciplined me.. Now discipline seems painful rather than pleasant..” (Psalm 73 v 12) The author does a great job at acknowledging their own limitations but asking God to be there instead. This can show readers who have gone through similar experiences how they are able or unable to cope with hardship.


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