I don’t trust anyone but I do, I do, lyrics from the song “I Don’t Trust Anyone” by The Parlor Mob. We’re all born with a certain degree of innocence and naivete that is slowly eroded away over time. Some people are lucky enough to maintain their faith in humanity even through the trials of life; others come out on the other side so jaded that they can no longer see anything beautiful or good in this world.

It’s easy to understand why some might become distrustful when it seems like everyone has an agenda and nobody has your best interests at heart, but what if we were wrong? In the Parlor Mob song “I Don’t Trust Anyone” we meet a man who’s lost any faith he may have had in his fellow human being. He sees everyone as either out to get him or leading him astray, and has come to accept that there are no good people left on earth.

piano, melody, classic @ Pixabay

But what if he were wrong?

What if all this time he was just falling victim to their manipulation without realizing it? When you put your trust into somebody else, when you let them guide your path with their hand, isn’t that giving up some of your power – but not everything? Isn’t there still something worth fighting for even though they might take advantage sometimes too? We’re taught early on about trusting our intuition.


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