It was just another day in the life of an archer, but her aim is getting better. She woke up early to go on a morning run with her dog and then got ready for work. As she drove from her house to her office, she stopped by Starbucks for coffee and breakfast before heading into the office. After a busy morning at work, she headed out to lunch with some friends and discussed strategy over salads and sandwiches. It was time to head back home when they finished eating; next stop:

archer, archery, sunset @ Pixabay

Target! She needed a new pair of shoes for her arching routine. She found the perfect running sneakers and then went to check out, but just as she was about to pay, it began pouring outside! She ran back to her car with all the bags so they wouldn’t get wet in the downpour. Just when things couldn’t be any worse – traffic seemed really heavy on this afternoon commute home.. With everything that had happened already today, she decided not go through another low ebb at work by getting stuck in another jam-so she turned around and headed home via some side streets instead. The rain let up right before she reached her street; thank goodness! When she got home, there were still a few hours left until


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