In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Mark D. Seiderman. Dr. Seiderman is a neurosurgeon and the President of the American Society for Neural Science. This is his second episode of the American Health Imaging series.

In this episode we discuss the importance of neuroimaging – or brain imaging – in diagnosing and treating brain disorders. There are some things that neuroimaging can reveal that go beyond brain activity itself and that can be quite useful in diagnosis, treatment, and in helping to understand the pathogenesis of a brain disorder.

Dr. Seiderman is also the President of the American Society for Imaging in Medicine, which is a nonprofit organization that promotes neuroscience research and teaching. He was also the only one of the three doctors to have a Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. He is also one of the two scientists to have won a Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

The American Health Imaging Association is a group of researchers and clinicians in the field of brain imaging and neuromarketing. The group provides a forum for researchers to discuss clinical applications of brain imaging and also encourages discussions about brain disorders and treatment options.

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