This is one of those experiments that will always get a little laugh even though I do believe it is the most accurate way I can convey my answer.

This experiment is so simple and so silly that it’s one of the most popular ones I hear on the internet. To prove that 6 of the same is a positive answer, you can try this: If you’re in the mood for a little drinking, you can drink 6 of the same thing (e.g. 6 of 7), but you should drink the same as the other 8 people in the experiment.

Ok, so 6 of the same is positive? Well then I guess we need 6 of the same for a negative answer. As a side note, you should always do this experiment with the reverse order.

Experiment is a way to compare your answers. This is one of the better ways to learn to say yes and no, the second way is to say maybe, but I think that it’s more fun to say no. With this you can say “no”, “maybe”, “yes” or “uh-huh” depending on how you feel.

That’s a lot of yes and no, but we’ll try to break it down. Experiment is a test of understanding. It’s like the game “Simon says “yes” and “no” and you say “maybe”, “maybe not”, “maybe”, “maybe not” or “no idea”. We get to play with some of the language we use, but also to see how far we can take it.

One of the reasons I love playing this game is because it is so much fun to see the language we use change. I have learned that yes, yes, no, and maybe means “yes, yes, maybe” or “no, no, maybe” depending on the situation. Now, its time to experiment with this. Try saying no as a question instead of a yes or no. Or try saying no as one word instead of two. This is the way that real people talk.

Its always a good idea to have a new language when playing a game. Its not always an easy task and we didn’t need to go with “no” for the question, but its not as difficult as it’s supposed to be.

We are also experimenting with some of the more tricky yes/no questions in the game. For example, for the drink question, the right answer is “yes” but it could also be “no”. That would mean that the drink would be empty. Not true. The drink could be full or empty depending on the answer to the question.

For another question we are testing the idea of reverse yes and no answers. The question is: “Do you drink Coca-Cola?”, and the answer is “yes”, but we are also testing the idea that the answer is yes because Coca-Cola is a common drink and yes is a common answer.

But more to the point, a reversed yes/no answer is not a valid response. So yes would be an invalid response, and a reversed yes/no answer would be a valid response.


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