The weekend has come round once again, and you have enjoyed a Friday evening in the company of an old friend who you haven’t seen for a while. It was fantastic to catch up and talk about old times, as the drinks and laughter flowed after your meal.

However, it wasn’t just days gone by that you spoke about. You had to do a double take when he came into the restaurant as he looked far healthier than you could ever remember, with him previously being on the tubby side. He accounted for his lean and fit appearance to him joining his local Wentworthville gym for 6 good reasons.

  1. The gym offered him flexibility to attend 24/7, which was fantastic for someone with a family, which means he could not always attend in what others might consider regular hours. Indeed, he says it is great to pop down there sometimes early in the morning and complete his session when there’s hardly anyone around.
  2. His membership offered him tremendous value for money, with the special training zones being catered for exactly what he required, fitted with all the latest up to date equipment. He enjoyed a free trial session prior to taking up membership which allows him to use any gym of the same company in the area. It even allowed him to take guests along during reception hours to purchase a casual pass. He even suggested that you joined him! You will at some stage, having found healthy reasons to take a nap last week.
  3. He loved the dedicated nature of his gym, where people worked hard rather than posing. He says the attitude from the moment he walked in the door encouraged him to perform to his best and take maximum advantage of the environment and facilities as he was in a spacious area which allowed him to feel comfortable in his surroundings.
  4. Booking a personal trainer had proved a masterstroke, as the gym found him one who was perfect for his requirements. He told you that his trainer soon built a camaraderie and trust that allowed him to have total trust in her. She knew how to motivate and set the right targets to achieve the goals through experience and introducing a program that worked. There was no way that he was going to let her down. 
  5. Your friend felt like one of the community, and a valued customer after being given an access key and a tour round the gym. All his questions were answered allowing his confidence to grow. He backed up his training with some walking and cycling in a local park.
  6. When he took those first steps he felt out of shape and unfit, but it was soon apparent that everyone was welcome regardless of fitness levels, age, or gender, which helped create a great atmosphere.

Your friend has created a convert, as a gym that is available 24/7 with an excellent attitude is just what you are looking forward.


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