Covid-19 has a devastating impact on the lives of ordinary citizens all over the world. The world has changed a lot in the last 2 years and most of us are still trying to adjust to the new changing realities in a post-covid world. 

Covid is a devastating disease requiring a lot of medical care to recover; however, the cost of treatment can be quite expensive because it could take weeks of hospitalization for a person to fully recover and go home. Therefore, having insurance that covers you for covid-19 is crucial to ensure access to the best in medical care without causing financial distress. 

The Religare health insurance covid-19 cover is one of the leading health insurance plans that you can opt-in right now to secure yourself against this disease and ensure optimal coverage should you ever need it.

In this article, we will take a look at 4 of the most critical benefits that the plan offers that will help you rethink your insurance policy against covid-19!

Cashless treatment Across 8350+ Hospitals

The policy offers you access to over 8350 hospitals pan India and gives you cashless treatment. The policy offers extensive coverage against covid-19 and takes care of all of the hospital bills incurred on the treatment.

Covid Care

Care health insurance covid 19 cover offers an addon called covid-care that indemnifies the policyholder for medical costs incurred on treatment or quarantine once diagnosed positive from a government authorized center.

Care Shield

This offers 3 exclusive benefits to the policyholders. Here’s what you get under care shield:

  1. Claim Shield: Insurance policies don’t generally cover charges incurred for masks, gloves, etc. However, under the care shield benefit, you get that coverage.
  2. No-Claim Bonus Shield: In case the total payable claim amount is less than 25% of the sum insured during a policy year, then your no-claim bonus amount won’t get reduced.
  3. Inflation Shield: Based on the previous year’s inflation rates; the sum insured under the policy is increased on a cumulative basis during each renewal.

OPD Coverage

Visiting the outpatient department of a hospital with consultation charges and diagnostics can be a costly affair. Religare health insurance covid 19 offers you OPD coverage as an add-on that takes care of all these charges up to a specified amount if diagnosed covid positive. 

Virtually No Waiting Period

Your coverage for Covid-19 begins as early as 15 days from the date of policy issuance, unlike some policies where coverage begins only after 30 days. By reducing the waiting period, the policy ensures that you get covered in half the time.

The Religare health insurance covid 19 by care life insurance is one of the best health insurance policies against covid-19 that you can currently buy to safeguard the safety and security of your family members should anyone requires hospitalization due to the disease. 

Here’s a quick recap of all that you get under the policy: 

  • Wide range of sum insured up to 1 crore
  • 15 days waiting period for Covid-19
  • Offers coverage for treatment options such as robotic surgery, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Provides coverage for 541day-care treatment options
  • Get a 150% increase in sum insured with the no claim bonus option
  • Automatic recharge of sum insured

Getting adequate coverage against covid-19 in a post-covid world is a no-brainer and you should act as soon as possible to get coverage that ensures the best possible care for your family. 

The Religare health insurance covid 19 is an ideal plan that offers incredible benefits without being taxing on your pocket. 

So, if you are looking for a plan to safeguard the health and financial well-being of your family members, don’t delay getting coverage and get health protection against this deadly disease in as less as 15 days! 


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