Finding a dentist for a general check-up and oral health can be done quickly. Since it is already planned, the process is extremely smooth. However, an emergency dental service is something tricky. One must be careful to choose exemplary service to avoid further damage. 

If you are a resident of Fortitude Valley, you would be glad to know that from among 723 dentists in the state of Queensland, a significant number of practitioners reside in Fortitude Valley. The urgent dental care Fortitude Valley has stood out in recent times. The city has a population of 6,978 people as per 2016 census. There is a significant number of dental services in city that are providing adequate medical facilities to the residents. Accidents can occur anytime, but one must take quick action to stabilise the situation. The following are the emergency dental services you can avail of in Fortitude Valley.


Pain is a sign that alerts a person instantly. It can be a reason for tooth decay and require medical attention in specific cases. Some conditions are manageable and do not require going for dental emergencies. At the same time, conditions like swelling must be treated immediately. Avoid taking painkillers without consulting a professional. It can burn the tissues and cause more damage. 

Broken Orthodontics

Even though braces and wires are strong, they can sometimes be broken. They can withstand daily wear and tear but can sometimes poke the gums and cheeks. Apart from causing discomfort, it can lead to a delay in the alignment process. People try pushing the broken wire into a comfortable position, but sometimes it needs immediate professional consultation. 

Tooth Extraction 

Not every discomfort in the tooth requires immediate medical care, but some might need an emergency tooth extraction. Sometimes, the bleeding does not stop, the jaw is injured, or swelling prevails. These are emergency signals, and one must contact a dentist immediately. Urgent dental care in Fortitude Valley tooth extraction costs around $200 to $500. 

Dental Infections

Infections can occur either at the tooth’s root or in the space between the gums and teeth. These can be pretty serious when left untreated. It can spread to the surrounding teeth and other parts of the body. A swollen pimple-like spot can be a determining factor. Get in touch with a dentist as early as possible to avoid further worsening. 

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies 

  • Individuals who are active sports participants can use mouthguards to save themselves. Wearing a mouthguard can protect the face and mouth and help avoid dental emergencies. 
  • Be careful about how you are eating. Things like hard candies or tough meat can sometimes lead to broken teeth. Excessive sugar can also open doors for cavities. So, be careful of what you are eating to safeguard your teeth.
  • Some people have the habit of biting nails or pen caps. Practices like these can chip off a tooth or crack at times. Try to keep your hands busy to break these habits. 
  • Food and beverages with high sugar and acidic content must be avoided as much as possible. It is not always possible to stop consuming these things completely, but one can create balance in consumption. 
  • You will often see people opening bottle caps or snack packages via their teeth. It can cause the enamel to get weak over time. Individuals, especially children, must avoid the same to protect teeth from damage. 

Final Words 

Check-up and cleaning in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, can be done for under $200. Regular check-ups can save one from later grievances. Practising consistent oral care is a great way to prevent unnecessary dental emergencies. Regular brushing and flossing can keep the mouth clean and protect from serious complications. 

Dental emergencies can occur anytime, even during the night. Before reaching out to a dentist, ensure that emergency services are offered or not. Dental emergencies are critical and must be given immediate attention. Take referrals from friends and family for better assistance. Look for top dental emergency services in your area and ensure they fit your needs best. 


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