I once heard a psychologist talk about the Sagittarius Sun as the “taurus Sun” and the Taurus Moon as Sagittarius’s “sagittarius Sun”. I took that to mean that Sagittarius is more “taurus than taurus”. I’m not sure why. Maybe the word “sagittarius” is a negative. I’m not sure why.

It’s also interesting to note that in the sky above the earth, Sagittarius and Taurus are both in the same place. The two planets have the same aspect. That’s pretty much the whole point of the Sagittarius/Taurus connection. They’re meant to be together.

You could argue that Sagittarius is the taurus Sun and Taurus is the Sagittarius Moon. But this is a bit circular, because Taurus will naturally be drawn to the Sagittarius Sun, and Sagittarius will naturally be drawn to the Taurus Moon.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a really big Taurus, but you know that this thing is the size of a house.

Maybe youve never heard of the SagittariusTaurus pairing, but you should. The two planets form a square, and the Tauruses are drawn to each other like magnets. Theyre so drawn to each other that they actually become one, and when the two planets have to face each other, they have to move so they dont block one another. This is why Sagittarius is attracted to Taurus. Its really the only way they can be together.

You can find a lot of info on Sagittarius and Taurus, but if you want a real explanation, you should go to the web page for the Taurus-Sagittarius conjunction, the “Triple Star” conjunction, and the Taurus-Sagittarius conjunction, which is the “Taurus-Sagittarius”. There you can see how Sagittarius and Taurus are drawn together, and that they have to face each other, as well.

The Taurus-Sagittarius conjunction, as it is affectionately known, is the closest thing that we have to a true love triangle. This is because though they are in love with each other, they are also in love with another, and the two are fighting for each other. We can see this dynamic in the Taurus-Sagittarius, which is an ancient version of a love triangle, where each of the three signs is in love with their opposite.

Taurus and Sagittarius are both “the third,” meaning they are the third in a set of two. In the Taurus-Sagittarius conjunct, each of the three signs is in love with the other two.

The reason that the two are in love with one another is because a lot of the love triangles that we see around us are the result of women who had their lovers go off on a romantic trip. In Taurus and Sagittarius, each of the three signs is in love with the other two.

Love triangles are a common occurrence in pop culture, and if you’ve ever wondered why the taurus and the sagittarius love triangles are so common, all you need to know is that each of the signs is in love with the other two. The reason for this love is that every three of us has some sort of relationship with our opposite sex.


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