I love to cook the winter days. I get a lot of requests for everything from breakfast to dinner to summer to the day before school. While I do not always do my part to make it as easy as possible as not to, I do try to avoid the middle of the road. I don’t always get a chance to find the right combination of ingredients to add to my pasta without being able to get into the weeds.

I love that I get to do a lot of the things I love to do, but I sometimes want to do more. I am a person who is always looking to learn new things, and I am always looking to grow. The west oakland health center is one of the first health centers in the area to offer comprehensive medical training. The program is run by a group of volunteers who work together daily to teach our students in the various classes to be the physicians of tomorrow.

In this health center, we teach students many of the same basic medical techniques we use in our clinic. In one class we teach our students how to use a scalpel to take a blood sample (sounds like “suture”). In another class we teach them how to use ultrasound to take a blood sample. But it’s the third class that I really want to focus on.

The other day one of our students was having a bad day, so he told us he was feeling nauseous. Of course we knew that feeling was from a simple stomach ache, but we didn’t expect it to be nauseous. It was like our student had taken a sample of his own blood.

Sounds like a pretty big deal to have a blood sample taken from you, especially if you’re in an exam room. Especially if you’re in an exam room where you’ve been touched in some way. So why am I telling you this? Well its two words long and they’re really hard to explain. But its the two words that I want you to take away.

Thats right, blood samples. And as it turns out, this is the first time ever that a sample has been taken from a student at west oakland health center. So, itll be interesting to see exactly how much of the student’s body this sample will be able to sample.

The sample isnt actually being taken from a person, it is being taken from a vein in the arm of one of the student. This is a bit of a first, but it is the first time ever that this type of sample has been drawn off a person. It is also the first time weve seen a sample taken in a health center. Hopefully it can be a good indication of what type of diseases are most likely to be prevalent among the students.

It is possible that the student who has been taken from a vein is a very sick kid, but a few of them have been shown to have had heart attacks, that may be why the sample was taken.

Although they may or may not be sick enough to warrant a sample, this student has been shown to have a high risk for cardiovascular disease. It is possible that they have a high risk for diabetes as well, which is why the health center was taken.

The health center’s reason for taking a patient, of course, is to make sure they don’t end up with a heart condition or another health issue. But it also has a more sinister motive, which is to prevent a second person from infecting the health center’s patients. This is a particularly interesting twist because, as we’ve already seen, getting a sample out of a vein is a fairly useless measure.


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