I’ve been the most taurus boy in the world. I’ve always been the one who’s in the driver’s seat. I’ve always had the ability to drive, make decisions, get things done, and think on my feet. However, I’ve never quite been able to live up to that level of self-awareness.

No matter how well you think you can do, the minute you forget that you’re on autopilot, you’re on autopilot. Like a kid who’s playing with his phone, you’ll forget the app that controls this part of your life if you’re not being careful with it.

Although I like watching TV, I hate the commercials so I don’t watch TV. I watch TV on a computer, so I feel like I have the option of ignoring anything that I don’t want to watch. I guess I just don’t get what the commercials are trying to sell.

The commercials are trying to sell you the concept of an enhanced self-awareness, which they feel is going to allow you to see, understand, and control how you respond to your environment. I think they get the concept, but they really don’t get the why.

I think some of the commercials are trying to sell you the idea that the self-awareness enhanced by the commercials is going to make you a better version of you. This is an illusion, because what I see is the real me. The real me is very different from the one that I think I am. I don’t think I’m a good person, but I do think I’m an average person. I just don’t like what I see.

Again, I’m not arguing for the existence of a “real” me. I’m just saying that the ones that see themselves as good people are almost certainly not actually good people.

I was a straight-A student my entire life, and I just never got around to taking courses in algebra. As a result, I didn’t ever feel like I was good at anything. I also had a very low tolerance for stress. I was also a horrible kisser. I dont like to give hugs, and I rarely show affection. I love to eat. I only drink alcohol when I feel like it. I only eat candy when I feel like I’m going to die.

I guess being a straight-A student and being so sensitive to stress is what makes you a bad person. I guess it’s the one thing that you can never let go of.

I feel like I could always relate to that one quote about not wanting to get married. I used to get married and I always feel like I did something to hurt my loved ones, but I guess if they can’t get married because of me, then they can just stay single forever.

I don’t know if this is true, but I think those were the first words I said to my boyfriend the day after he met my brother.


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