The first three of this tarot card series is one of my favorites.

This is the first installment in the tarot/comedy series tarot scorpio. To get a glimpse of the series, check out the first two trailers.

The series comes from a German tarot artist named Tarot-Composer, who has a very specific view of the cards and how they work. His cards are drawn by the same four-leafed tree as the tarot’s archetypes. The cards also have a very specific purpose.

In tarot scorpio, the cards are really just a fun way to give us a peek into the world of a specific character. In this particular tarot series, we get to peek into the mind of the Scorpion, a dark, mysterious character who looks like a modern day incarnation of the Devil. The cards have no purpose and their meanings are not really explored. They are basically just a fun way to play around with the archetypes.

The cards are meant to help us better understand the character of a certain person. A scorpio in tarot has a very specific purpose, and thus the cards help us understand why a certain character gets stuck in a situation. As such, a lot of the cards’ meanings are not explored.

On a side note, the cards are actually named after the seven cards in the tarot deck. The cards themselves are all named after the seven “seal” cards, which are all of the same suit. It’s a fun way to play around with the card meanings, and you get to see the cards in the tarot deck in a new way. The cards are fun, but they are also not meant to be taken seriously.

Tarot is fun, but it’s still not meant to be taken seriously. The cards are meant to be interesting, but you don’t play them to make people laugh or feel good. They are meant to be used to tell you what the cards mean, and the meanings of the cards are not meant to be understood by everyone.

Tarot cards are a bit like the cards of the zodiac, except instead of being a bunch of cards, they are made up of the symbols of the planets. The cards are meant to be used for divination (and other purposes) and are not meant to be taken seriously. As such, tarot cards are not very good at telling you what you need to know about the future, the present, your life, the past, or the present.

They are, because tarot cards can be made up of the symbols used for the planets, but only the first six cards are used for divination. The last one is used for foresight, or for what to do in the future.

I used to be a tarot card reader too… but now I’m a tarot reader who doesn’t take any of the cards seriously. I like to use them as a means of personal and spiritual reflection. But that’s just me.


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