The day of the new year is an important time to start thinking about your goals, dreams and what you want to accomplish in the coming year.

It’s not just the events of December that shape this year. The horoscope tells us that we may change in the coming year as well. This is the first part of a three-part horoscope, which should be read together.

In the horoscope, Saturn is a planet, Saturn the ruler of the month of December. This planet is the ruler of the new year and is in the 12th house. This means that the new year starts on January 12th. This is also the first day of the Chinese new year. Now with this in mind, let’s talk about the first part of our horoscope.

Saturn is ruled by the planet Mars. Its house number is 12. This means that January 12th and January 13th are both ruled by Mars. This is the day that Mars is in its most conjunct position, which it was in November.

This is great news! We’ve got Mars in its conjunct position, which means that we are going to get a massive solar eclipse. The solar eclipse will occur on January 12th at 3:18pm EST and will be visible in all of North America.

The eclipse will be visible for about 48 hours in most parts of North America. The duration will be about 11 minutes long and will cover the continental US, the Gulf Coast, the East Coast, and the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the moon will completely make its appearance in the sky. The eclipse will last for two minutes, which is why it is referred to as being “half-eclipsed.

A lot of people will be unable to see the eclipse because of the sun’s position in the sky. However, eclipse glasses will be available in stores all over the country. A great way to show off your favorite hobby is by purchasing a pair of eclipse glasses that will give you the perfect view of the eclipse. You can also purchase eclipse glasses from a retailer like Walmart or Best Buy.

The eclipse will be visible in most areas of the country. There are some areas however where it will be blocked out by the sun and the moon. People in these areas can still view the eclipse through telescopes, but the eclipse will be very small, and it will only last for a few minutes.

The eclipse is actually a lunar eclipse, which means it will be visible for days in some locations. But even a partial lunar eclipse won’t look like the one we’ll experience if you have a pair of eclipse glasses. The eclipse will look like a partial eclipse where the sun is covered but there’s lots of sun and moon light shining through. The moon will be so low in the sky that it will appear as the sun in the east.

The eclipse will happen on the 10th of January, so it will be the 11th or 12th but its still a lunar eclipse, so that’s not too bad. It will be so minimal that you will still see the eclipse with the sun in the east.


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