I’ve always been a fan of the “gemini” style. When I was younger we lived in a house that was a little more than a 5th story, but we always wanted a house that was more than 5 stories tall. For someone like me who works a lot, and needs a little more space than what I can provide by myself, the idea of living in a small house is always appealing.

The gemini house is a type of home that has a roof that is supported by some sort of stone structure. The roof is made of the same stone as the rest of the house. The roof can be made of any material, but in gemini style the roof is usually made of stone, and the rest is usually made of wood. Because of this, the roof is sometimes called “gemsini” or “stone roof”.

the roof is made out of a combination of solid stone and wood, and the rest of the house is usually made of wood. In addition, the inside of gemini homes can be either wood-shingled or brick. Some gemini homes come with a little garden, and some don’t.

Gemini homes are not as common as other homes, but they do exist.

There are many different styles of gemini homes, but the one I’m talking about at the top of this paragraph is the one made out of stone. These homes typically have a roof made out of solid stone, and the rest of the house is made out of wood.

stone houses are not common, but they do exist. Some gemini homes come with a little garden, and some dont.

The house you see in the first picture above is a stone house that was featured in a recent episode of the “Friends” TV show. It is made out of stone and is one of the more common types of gemini homes on the market.

It’s a little weird that stone houses are a popular type of home. It’s nice, but it’s not something you’d want to live in unless you were making one up. That doesn’t mean they’rent all out there though, and you can find a variety of stone houses on the market now.

The problem is most of them are made of stone that is extremely hard to build. The stone house above is one of the most common stone houses on the market. It is not actually made out of stone. It is concrete. Its very hard to build a stone house so it makes a natural building material.

The problem is that most stone houses are made of a material that can easily mold from the heat from the sun, and other things that can get on them. In the case of the stone house above, it was made of concrete, which has a tendency to expand and contract with temperature. The next most common type of house is a timber house. Timber houses are made of logs that are cut and sawn to be about the same size as your house.


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