This is a question I ask myself when I’m in the kitchen and I’ve just had some wine. “Eight of cups yes or no” is a tool I use to see if I am really that aware of how much wine I’ve had or of what I’m drinking. It’s also something I use when I’m in a meeting and I’ve just had a coffee break.

The answer is no, its just how much I like to drink. I think the answer to the question is yes, because if Im not aware of how much wine Ive had, I can say that I have had eight of cups yes or no and say, “Wow, Ive had a lot of wine today,” and feel good about it.

Ive just told you that I really like wine. Thats two cups of wine and two cups of coffee. Thats a lot of wine. Ive also told you that Ive been drinking wine for a long time. Thats two cups of wine and two glasses of wine. Thats two cups of wine and two glasses of wine.

We don’t want to overdo it but just two cups of wine and two glasses of wine are so much wine, I think we need to just go with that.

Yeah, two cups of wine and two glasses of wine are a lot of wine. Also, our job isn’t to go overboard, just to be careful with the wine. Just a little bit is fine, but a lot is way too much. You don’t want to give ourselves a whole bottle of wine for a night out.

You see, it’s an all or nothing game. If you have enough wine, you can go all out and be just fine. But if you don’t have enough wine, you may find yourself overdoing it. For instance, if you’re trying to get through dinner and you have too much wine to finish it, you may end up getting a little too tipsy. This can be avoided by keeping it to a reasonable limit.

The problem is that too much wine can lead to too much fun. Some people need a little bit because they have a high tolerance for alcohol, and others may need more because theyre trying to control an addiction. It’s best to give yourself a little bit just to avoid the temptation. There’s a middle ground of course, and the balance between a little and a lot can be tricky to find. But if you start to overdo it, it can turn into a dangerous, dangerous addiction.

If you do, you can end up eating your own face off. We’ve seen it happen before, and it sucks. People get pretty hung up on what they think they should be drinking, and end up eating their own faces off and getting drunk and then eating themselves.

Yes or no? You ask, but do you really want to know the answer? I mean, it doesn’t really have much to do with what you drink, but rather what you do with it. If you overdo it, it can end up being just another day-to-day task that you become obsessed with. If you don’t, you can end up with a headache and a hangover the next day.

We are talking about overdoing it. The good news is that you dont have to starve yourself to death. You can still eat a meal that was good, but just not to the point that you cant enjoy it. This is because we can create recipes with ingredients that are unhealthy. You can make a healthy and delicious meal out of a combination of vegetables and fruit you shouldnt but will.


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