The Can-Am Renegade 100 XMR is a motorcycle that has the capacity to travel on any terrain. This motorcycle was built for people who love to go off-roading. And the like but also want the ability to commute in city traffic. It can easily switch from dirt bike mode to street bike mode without changing anything on it.

bmw, motorcycle, vehicle @ Pixabay

With its long suspension travel and high ground clearance, you will have no problem going over rocks or getting through soft sand. You can look at this motorcycle as an all-terrain vehicle with two wheels! This motorcycle has a 1250 cc engine with a torque of 128 ft. lbs., as well as an automatic transmission, and ABS braking system that will allow you to stop on any terrain. This bike is great for two-up riding, or just going out exploring the world around you!  The Can-Am Renegade 100 XMR really can handle anything its rider throws at it! 


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