The Am Outlander 850 MXR is a bike for those who love adventure. This motorcycle has an 850cc engine and boasts a fuel efficiency of up to 65 miles per gallon. The Am Outlander 850 MXR has many features that make it the perfect ride for your next excursion–whether you want to go on a short trip or take off across the country! * Tires: 120/70R17M/C 59H grip on the corners and a 150/60R16M/C 69V in the back. ** Colors Available: This motorcycle is available in black or green. Am Outlander 850 MXR Full Specification Summary of Features Bullet Point Listing *Engine size **Fuel efficiency **Suspension **Tire size: 27.0 x 12.25 *Front suspension travel: 130 mm (travel adjuster) *Rear Suspension Travel: 135mm (travel adjuster)

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*Wheelbase – 1620 mm ?? 1768 mm ?? *Engine type- Liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin, 270° crank angle and 360° firing interval to produce a deep exhaust note with smooth power delivery for superb riding performance in all conditions?

*Transmission gearing:- Four-speed manual plus reverse or six gear automatic ?? Chassis features:- Full cradle frame design made from steel pipes which is lighter than the alloy frames used on many other touring motorcycles but just as strong because they are much thicker providing greater strength and


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