It’s true that the can am defender xt is a versatile machine, but it doesn’t work if you don’t take care of it. One way to protect your investment and increase its longevity is by investing in aftermarket wheels. These are custom-made for your vehicle so they fit perfectly and look great on any terrain. We have some tips on how to choose the perfect set of wheels for your needs!

-Measure your tire width and alignments to ensure proper fitment. The size of your wheels can affect the way that you steer, turn, and drive on different terrains. -See if they have a warranty before purchasing them! A lot of times these are custom made for your vehicle so it is important in case anything goes wrong down the line as well. -Consider how much ground clearance you need! For those who want more protection against rocks, mud, dirt or other obstacles, get a wheel with higher ground clearance. If this isn’t something that’s needed then look for ones without any extra give! -More tires? Getting new wheels often means getting new tires too since they’re customized to work


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