The Can Am Commander is a great machine for those who are looking to enjoy the open road with their family. It’s powerful, rugged and comfortable; it has everything you need. The only thing missing from this package? A windshield! This article will teach you how to install a windshield on your Can Am Commander. Step One: Purchase a windshield for your Can Am Commander.

The most popular brands of windshields are the ones that you can purchase from AutoZone or Walmart, but if you’re looking to save money and have more control over choosing the color then purchasing one online is probably your best bet. Step Two: Remove any stickers on the inside of the hood, as well as anything else blocking visibility within it. This includes removing all belts first! You’ll be able to see much better after this step is done correctly so don’t skimp out here! Step Three: Mount brackets by drilling holes into both parts of tablet armrest pads located in front of passenger seat (if applicable). If there’s not enough room between them


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