The Can Am Commander is a popular ATV for those who are looking for a tough, rugged ride. And if you’ve been considering purchasing one but haven’t yet committed, we have the perfect solution! We offer shocks by SIRIUSĀ®, which will provide improved handling and make your ride that much more enjoyable.

monster truck, truck, 4×4 @ Pixabay


Improved handling and ride comfort. -Shocks by SIRIUSĀ® will provide improved handling, making your ride that much more enjoyable! They are designed to improve the absorption of bumps in the terrain while providing a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger alike. And with over 60 years of engineering heritage behind them, you can be sure they’re up to the job! Budget Friendly Prices: We offer shocks at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy these benefits without breaking their bank account. There’s no need to pay $800-$100 for new Can Am Commander Shocks when we have them available at an unbeatable price point starting as low as $129.99 (or less)! Plus, if you


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