Looking for the best event of 2018? Well, look no further than Can Am! With events like the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony happening on Saturday, we have a sense that this year’s can am will be one to remember. There is also so much more- with 8 different venues hosting events this weekend, there is sure to be something for everyone. Keep reading below to find out about all of the great things going on at Can Am 2018! – Event Dates: October 12th – 15th – Location: Bayfront Park, Miami, FL 33139 Map Link – Opening Ceremony Date and Time: Saturday at Noon EST. This year’s theme is “The Great Unknown.” There will also be a parade of nations happening with each country presenting their culture through cultural dances as well as performances! Get your tickets here! (link) The event will last about an hour in length but make sure not to miss out on it because this ceremony sets the tone for Can Am 2018 throughout all eight different venues! You won’t want to miss it either so get your tickets today before they sell out! \*Tip: Check back often for updates from our website


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