Albinism is a condition that affects the pigmentation of skin, hair and eyes. Albinos are born with this condition where they lack any pigment in their skin, hair or eyes. Individuals who have albinism often experience severe problems with sun exposure such as photo-sensitivity and sometimes even eye damage from ultraviolet rays.

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The question on most people’s minds: can albinos dye their hair?

The answer is yes, but the pigment in their hair may not take well to certain types of dye. An albino’s natural pigment could lead to a bad reaction with the products and damage or stain their hair even more.

As a result, you should consult your doctor before trying different dyes or taking any risks when it comes to this type of situation. Still don’t know what kind of look would suit an albino? Check out these examples for some inspiration. – Joe Smith has been diagnosed with Albinism since birth – He has never had pigmented skin as he was born without melanin – His eyes are usually blue due his lack of color in them from being Albinistic


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