It can be tough to find the perfect women’s bike size. The first step is finding out your inseam measurement which you can do by placing a measuring tape around your leg, starting at one foot and going up to just below the crotch. Most bikes come with a “Stand-over height” measurement that tells you how high off the ground you will need to stand when riding. This is usually somewhere between 23 inches and 25 inches for most women’s bikes, although some may go as low as 22 inches or higher than 26 inches depending on what type of bike it is (for example, commuter vs mountain).

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The next measurement is your arm span. You can measure this by standing straight and then stretching out one arm and holding it against a wall or door frame with the thumb side of your hand touching that surface. Hold onto the edge of the other doorknob for balance if possible, But don’t stretch too hard! The distance from where you are now to where your fingers touch should be noted as well as how long an inseam measurement that would give you (in case they aren’t exactly right). You will want to find two bikes whose stand-over height measurements come close to what yours was and compare their inseams so see which might work best. Be careful about using bike size charts because these generally list male riders


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