This is a post about if you are white and want to use black hair products. There are many out there that have questions like this because they don’t know what it will do to their hair or skin.

Whether you’re interested in using these products, or just curious, we’ll address the most common questions and share some tips too!

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Can white people use black hair products?

Yes, they can.

Does it damage the scalp and hair when a person of color uses these products on their skin or in their hair?

No, not at all.

Many times, there are ingredients that help to protect your scalp and follicles from damaging factors like sun exposure. Keep in mind some of these products may contain oil which can make you break out more if you have acne-prone skin though!

So be careful with what kind of product you’re using on your face before diving headfirst into this world ­čśŐ Look for natural oils like jojoba oil as an alternative if you want to avoid acne breakouts.┬á


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