I’m sure you have been in a situation where you needed to draw an angle and had no protractor available. You might not be an artist, but if the angles are labelled A and B, then it is possible to determine which angle is larger by drawing straight lines from the vertex of one angle (A) to the other vertex of that same angle (B), as well as from one side of that same triangle’s base to the other side.

triangle, ruler, angle @ Pixabay

You will notice that the angle with the longer line is always larger. I hope this little trick helps you solve your problem in a pinch!

Status: Draft Version: 0.0.12

Dependencies for next draft: Research on how to find the angles of a triangle that share one side and whether specific lines match up or not, as well as what is meant by “Right Angle” versus “90 Degree”. 

Research about which angle has more line drawn parallel from vertex C to A

What does it mean if the two angles have matching lines? Is this always true in all scenarios? 

Find out more about right angles in triangles, specifically when they could be either 90 degrees or 45 degrees depending on their placement with relation to vertices C and B (such as having three distinct sides).


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