Many Magic: The Gathering players want to know if they can use a planeswalker as their Commander. It is not possible, but there are other ways that you can play with them in a game of Commander!

In this article, we will discuss the different options and what benefits each one offers for your deck. 

Playing with a Planeswalker in the Command Zone: This is an entirely different way to play. Your Commander becomes your planeswalker, and you can use them as often as possible!

atlasnye, deck, playing cards @ Pixabay

Creating A Deck That Supports Multiple Planeswalkers: These decks are great because they have access to both colors of mana (usually) and it’s easier for players who want their deck focused on one color but still wants to include some cards from another color.

The downside is that these decks are more difficult to win with than traditional mono-coloured or two coloured decks.



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