Mormons often have a difficult time dating outside of their religion. They are taught that it is better to marry someone who shares the same beliefs, but they might not be aware of what those beliefs actually entail. If you are Mormon and dating someone who isn’t, here are three reasons why you should stick with them:

1) You will learn more about yourself

2) You will grow spiritually

3) It increases your chances of finding eternal happiness

man, praying, church @ Pixabay

You will learn more about yourself. Being around someone who doesn’t share your beliefs can show you how different cultures live and think, which in turn may help your faith grow stronger.

It is important to have a sense of empathy for those outside the Mormon community because it will teach you what they go through on a daily basis and make life seem that much less difficult for them.

Mormons often experience spiritual growth after getting married to someone with differing religious views as well. When people are constantly bombarded by one set of ideas, their mind becomes closed off from new possibilities and perspectives – sometimes even changing their own personal viewpoints!

This can lead to depression or anger when we realize something was wrong all along but were too stubborn or close-


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