Negativity is a force that can be used to create something beautiful. An example of this would be the negative space in a painting or sculpture. Negative space has an important role and can make the piece more aesthetically pleasing than if there were no negative space at all.

In order for negativity to have this effect, it must be balanced with positivity. The same goes for people and their emotions. Negativity does not always need to dominate because when coupled with positivity, it becomes less powerful and even helpful!

What does this mean for us?

The answer is up to you! Do not allow negativity to be the sole defining characteristic of your day. Every time we see a negative event, there are two options:

woman, lake, asian @ Pixabay

React with positivity or

Give in to our own negative thoughts and feelings.

When faced with adversity, it is important that we choose one option over the other so that life can go on without being consumed by negativity.

For example, if someone cuts me off on my way home from work then I usually react positively because it creates more space for everyone else who has to drive behind them now. If I let myself get angry about the situation then I am turning into what they have been doing which will only cause more problems.


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