It’s the rainy season, and if you’re anything like me, your windows are starting to get a bit grimy. I don’t know about you but cleaning my windows just seems like too much work. You have to scrub and scrub until they sparkle, which can be hard on your hands!

rain, boots, umbrella @ Pixabay

Luckily there are some really easy ways that will help you keep your windows looking great without the hassle of elbow grease.

Check out these three tips for keeping them clean so you won’t even need to break a sweat this summer!

There is an old saying that states “a dirty window reflects a lazy housekeeper.” It also reflects poorly on the homeowner in general when it comes time to sell their home or rent it out. Clean windows can add an extra oomph to your home’s curb appeal.

The first thing you need is a good windowsill cleaner, such as the Windex® Power Reach® Window & Glass Cleaner with Extendable Handle and Spray Nozzle. This handy gadget removes dirt and grime from all surfaces safely so that no harsh chemicals come into contact with your skin or furniture.

It even has built-in scrubbers on either side of the extendable handle for those tough spots where dirt collects! The lightweight design also makes it easy to hang up when not in use without taking up any space at all. Another great idea would be to make sure you have window screens installed before they get dirty too badly.


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