Landlords and tenants have a complicated relationship. One person is providing the property, while the other pays to live there. This often leads to disagreements about what’s expected of each party.

In this blog post, we will explore ten tenants that landlords should provide as part of their agreement with tenants in order to clarify expectations and prevent disputes.

Landlords should not require tenants to maintain the property in any specific way. Landlords can, however, set their own expectations and standards for how they expect someone living on their property to behave.

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For example, landlords may ask tenants to keep noise levels down late at night or put the trash into a designated garbage receptacle. Tenants are expected to comply with these reasonable requests unless it violates one of their tenets listed below.

The tenant’s primary responsibility is paying rent and meeting all lease-specific obligations outlined by the landlord during signing (i.e., providing proof of adequate credit).

Along with those commitments, the tenant agrees that he/she will abide by certain basic tenants:

Tenant maintains appropriate personal hygiene;


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