There is no question that a demigod can beat a decapod. This is due to the fact that the demigod would be able to use their powers and abilities while the decapod would not have any special skills or abilities to help them in this battle.

horse, mongolia, warrior @ Pixabay

The demigod would be able to use some of their skills and abilities in the battle such as wielding a sword or throwing thunderbolts.

The decapods only have a strength which is not enough against these other abilities that the demigod has.

As a result, the demigod will likely win this fight because they are more powerful than the decapod.

Note: there may be one-on-one battles between two different people where neither one can beat each other but it is unlikely for both sides to have no special powers/abilities during a fight like this example we just talked about here!

That’s why I say that if you were picking whether your side was going up against another team of humans or animals.


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