It is normal for people to experience pain in their lower back from time to time. This can be caused by sitting at a desk, working out, or just general wear and tear on the body that comes with age.

For most people, this pain will go away after a few days of rest or ice packs. However when there is a constant pain that does not improve it could be something more serious like sciatica. Sciatic nerve damage can cause radiating leg pains and numbness which are two common symptoms of this condition.

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If you have these symptoms then you should consult your doctor before trying any home remedies for sciatica such as chiropractic care because they may result in an exacerbation of the disease state. The chiropractic care that is recommended for sciatica focuses on restoring proper alignment in the spine to help reduce pressure on the nerve.

A spinal adjustment will likely be performed which can provide relief of symptoms if done correctly. Some people also benefit from manual adjustments during their office visit, traction therapy and/or massage therapy.

The goal is to promote circulation and increase mobility while decreasing inflammation or irritation along the nerve pathway as well as restore balance with your natural body mechanics.

In order for this treatment plan to work it may take multiple visits so make sure you are committed before starting because once there has been improving it’s important not to stop abruptly otherwise the pain could come back. 


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