There is a lot of controversy in the hunting world over whether or not a 22 can kill a deer. One side says you need something bigger to make sure it hits them, and the other side argues that even if it doesn’t kill them, it will scare them off. This article explores both sides of the debate with some tips for success.

animal, fallow deer, species @ Pixabay

Hunters are always debating the best gun for deer hunting. Some hunters argue that a 22 caliber rifle is not big enough to kill a deer, while others say it does not need to be deadly because all you want is just something loud and scary. So which one do you go with? And what’s the difference between them anyway? Read on.

The biggest thing about using a 22 caliber rifle is that it will scare off most of your prey without killing them if they are hit by a bullet. This means that unless you plan on shooting every single animal in sight, this weapon may be good for beginners or people who have never hunted before. You also might want to wait until they get closer.


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