What does the world mean to me? That is a question that I have pondered on many occasions. Is it the people, or the places? The sounds, sights and smells? When I am happy, does my answer change? When I am sad, does my answer change as well? What about when I am angry or confused; then what do those thoughts tell me about myself and this world of ours?”

hands, world, map @ Pixabay

The world is a perplexing and mysterious place. Like most things, it has its highs and lows but as long as we learn from the good times, then those lessons will hopefully carry us through our difficult moments in life. And that is why I try to live my days with an open heart – ready for whatever comes my way because this world doesn’t owe me anything. It’s only when I am on top of the mountain looking down do I feel like everything was worth it. That all the hard work paid off: not just mine, but everyone who helped push me up there too.” I think part of what means something to someone else might be different than what means something to another person or even myself at a different time.


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