If you are looking for a camp location that provides the perfect balance of adventure and fun, look no further. Camp is available in many different locations across the United States, Canada, and even overseas! In this blog post, we will discuss where our camps are located as well as some of our favorite things about each area.

tent, camp, night @ Pixabay

-Camp in the United States is located in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah. Favorites about these locations include their natural beauty from mountains to lakes to forests. -Camp Canada has camps spread across Ontario and Quebec as well as one camp on Vancouver Island. The favorite things about Camp Canada are its proximity to nature with vast forested areas right at your doorstep!

Finally, there are Camps overseas: Germany, France, Australia and Spain where you can explore new cultures while enjoying a variety of activities such as horseback riding or kayaking! Our favorites for this region would be the closeness that our staff members have with each other which creates a family environment unlike any other location worldwide! 


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