Last week, I was in a bit of emotional turmoil. Nothing too serious, but enough to make me feel down and out. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way and it took me by surprise. One night when I couldn’t sleep for the hundredth time that day, I decided to roll over and pick up my phone from its spot on my bedside table.

color, fluorescent, trick @ Pixabay

The screen lit up as soon as it hit my palm and without even looking at what was on the screen, I typed “Why have you lost your cameo?” Out of habit, I still had my phone’s chat app open from the last time I used it. This is where things got a little more interesting.. When I clicked out to go back into iMessage, instead of seeing me typing in all caps about how much life sucks right now, there was this really sweet message that read “Talking with you has been one of my favorite conversations.”

I’ll admit, that didn’t exactly help me get over feeling down and out for very long but at least it made me feel like someone was listening to what I was going through on top of everything else. It definitely helped remind me why we can never stop talking no matter what happens because even if they’re not physically present or anything –


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