I am the face of your company, and I am here to tell you what is working with me on a daily basis. Whether it’s a video or an article, make sure that my name is in there so people know who they are talking to and listening to. It’s important for them to see the person behind the brand. I’m as human and real as you are. I have a family, interests outside of work, goals that make me feel alive- the same way your products or services do for yours!

The people behind the product deserve to be known beyond just their title in order to build trust with our audience. When we know who is speaking to us on social media, it’s easier for them to resonate with what we’re saying because they see themselves being represented by someone like them.

As an influencer of this brand (or company), my name will help bring authenticity into every aspect of communication because if people can’t connect through shared values, then there simply isn’t enough room for both parties. You need something more than just traffic.


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