What does the world mean to you? It could be your home, or it could be a place that you have never been to before. To me, the world is my entire life and everything in it. The people I love are part of my world because they make me who I am. My family makes up a lot of the world to me as well because they are always there for me when I need them most. When someone says that something is “the best” or “a good time,” then those things become part of our worlds too!

house, architecture, front yard @ Pixabay

The world is so much more than just one place, or one person. It’s the people we meet and speak to on a daily basis that make it into something we look forward to seeing each day. The world can be anything you want it to be! I think my favorite parts of the world are nature because I love being outside in all four seasons and hearing the birds sing. As long as there are trees and green grass, then I am happy!

However, since everyone has their own definition for what makes up your idea of “the best,” no single opinion should ever prevail – not even mine! And this is why I believe our worlds are limitless.. they’re endless possibilities at every turn! Number: N


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