Is your wifi connection not up to par? That’s a problem that many people are facing nowadays.

wireless signal, icon, image @ Pixabay

This article will discuss how WiFi calling can bring better service for both business and education users, as well as the benefits of using it over traditional cell phone networks. Calls Over Wifi: How Innovative Tech Brings Better Connectivity to Business & Education The advent of smartphones has changed communication in America more than any other device or invention in recent memory.

There is now an expectation by citizens across all demographics that they should be able to communicate with their government through online channels like email and social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger. Yet in a country that is nearly bereft of data and suffers from patchy wifi coverage, the fact remains that many citizens would be unable to take advantage of these new channels because they lack access or their device can’t get enough signal.

A collaborative effort by major telecom providers like AT&T and Verizon has helped alleviate some pressure on cell phone towers by adding WiFi calling into its services. This allows more bandwidth for people across all demographics who need it most. 


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