I am a call to action. I stand in the middle of your page, framed by white space and begging for attention. My button is bright with promises of rewards that will come from clicking on me. All you need to do is click here and I’ll give you what you want! This is a call to action. It’s been around since the earliest days of print as readers would cut out coupons from advertisements and bring them in for purchases at local businesses.

backlit, dawn, girl @ Pixabay

The internet has made it easier than ever before – I’m standing here, framed by white space and begging for attention like an icon on your desktop waiting patiently for you to click on me! I will give you everything you want once you click that button. All I need is one little click from you and all my promises will be fulfilled! Just take five seconds, fill out this form, and watch how quickly those rewards come rolling into your inbox – or even better yet make use of our chat system so we can get back to work immediately with no delay between


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